Thursday , 25 April 2024

Why DSS Consulting?


Complex Business implementation plans as well as IT system implementation plan should never happen without practitioners in the room. This is the strength of DSS Consulting, we are not only practitioner in the field of pension industry and we also always keep up to date on regulation trend. 


In average. our management team had been 16 years in Group Insurance & Pension industry, they play important roles start from Senior Management level up to C level. Building the business and grow the assets from millions to trillions. Plus, develop the core system from scratch


We have organized our consulting practice around the idea that long term relationships yield the best results for us and our clients. Our approach is to document all aspects and changes made to client’s network; this allows us to be able to serve client quickly and with more accuracy to the expectations. As long as we are doing our job to client’s satisfaction we feel confident that the client will remain loyal.


As we, in day-to-day basis, live in the subjected environment, we have the capacity to imagine and articulate exciting future possibilities of the business. Not only technical, we also have an art in implementing results. We go toward success by mixing compassion, responsibility, and empathy to the ultimate customers.


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